» Courses

“Your school is amazing! The rotation of teachers is a differential for sure! I really loved it!”

Marcus Vinicius Maia de Oliveira | Banco Pine | 04/20/2013

» Methodology

“I got to know Polidiomas in 1993, what draw my attention was the teachers “rotation”. I took classes for two or three years and stopped later on.

In 2010 when I was in Las Vegas I could realize that besides taking English classes with a private teacher for two years, I had a lot of difficulties to understand what people were saying because of the different accents.

I realized that I needed to change the structure of my classes and remembered about Polidiomas. In 2011 we resumed the classes and since then "my English" improved very much.

I travelled abroad other times and was able "to test" my language knowledge. My difficulties were perceptibly smaller and I also received compliments.

They really care and are flexible, which helps a lot with the student-school relationship maintenance.

Congratulations to Polidiomas and keep it up.”

Wlademir Nunes | COFRAN | 07/18/2013

» Phonetics Consultancy

“I wanted to add a song in Spanish to my CD without knowing the language, I contacted Polidiomas and found not only who could compose the lyrics of the song in Spanish but also a phonetics consultancy during the recording in order to reduce the accent and have almost a perfect pronunciation.

I loved the service, check the results by clicking here. ”

Fernando Ébano | Singer and composer |07/19/2013

» Methodology

“I would like to register my satisfaction with the methodology and teachers.
Indeed, the classes contributed to my professional performance improvement in English.
Thank you for the attention and collaboration".

Nair Mello | PMO | Thomson Reuters - Mastersaf | 07/19/2013


Language Consultancy is a service that is not very well disclosed in the Brazilian market, but very much requested in the American and European markets where we have partnerships.
Language Consultancy for companies (our main clients) are contracted by different sectors of the market, once it is required by companies from various areas and departments such as Marketing, Research and Development, Human Resources, Personnel Department, Strategy, Quality, among others.

With this service our client can have the following support:
New products release in the internal or international market, such as a name or campaign slogan, which will be analyzed by our team that is carefully selected for each project to meet the market and target public demands.
Proficiency level evaluation and test application for company employees that are part of incentive programs and have benefits such as language courses.
Benefit policies restructuring for employees. Analysis of Human Recourses and Personal department needs among others.
Exam preparation courses for IELTS, TOEIC, SAT, TOEFL and GMAT, as well as our consultancy for MBA applicants.

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